shiloh dobie


Hello & Welcome!  I am a Full-time, Freelance Designer, Maker & Artist, born & based in Wellington, New Zealand.

As an artist, my process centres heavily on thinking through making, with a focus on embracing moments of error to enhance material authenticity. Enthralled by the rigorous and rhythmic properties of a repetitive mode of production, I regularly explore the art of imperfection to create energy, vitality and to construct a playful narrative.

Often centring around the juxtaposition between pre-ordained structure, and organic development, my work holds a strange conversation between the two sides of my own nature: creative & concrete.

These pieces are all handcrafted prints, drawn with Fine Art ink pens, with a steady hand and a slow breath. The works are all printed locally, and framed for local shows here in Wellington.

I am currently only shipping within New Zealand, but am able to organise international shipping on request. Contact for details.  Unfortunately, I can also accept no refunds based on change of mind, but will happily replace any damage or loss. Please get in touch if you are unhappy, and we can resolve any issues between us.

Thank you!

Please note, all images and artworks are subject to copyright.

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